Unusual Odors from Water Heater

Unusual Odors from Water Heaters in Northwest Houston

Are you wondering what is causing unusual odors from your water heater? There are a couple of reasons why water may have an unpleasant smell. If the water from your water heater smells like rotten eggs, it may be creating a sulfur bacteria to grow in the warm water. The water heater also can maintain a chemical reaction between sulfate in the stored water and the hot water heater anode component. Heated water can make surfaces of the water heater tank to rust or corrode, which also can influence the smell, taste and appearance of the water from your hot water taps. 

Causes of Foul Odors from Water Heaters

Regular maintenance can help eliminate unusual odors from water heaters. Get in touch with A Better Plumber to set up a convenient maintenance or repair session for your water heater. With preventative maintenance, we can cut down on issues with your water heater, including those that cause foul odors. With hot water heater tank service, we will flush the storage tank, check the pressure relief valve and tank temperature. We will also inspect the condition of the tank, checking it for damage and corrosion, plus inspect the anode rod that is designed to reduce corrosion. If components such as burners are coated with buildup and sediment, they may not be doing their job in properly heating the water. This may lead to bacteria living and growing in the storage tank and causing the unusual odor or sulfur smell.

Full-Service Water Heater Repair, Maintenance and Inspection for Causes of Unusual Odors

For maintenance to mitigate unusual odors in your water heater, trust the plumbing professionals at A Better Plumber. Ouf team of expert plumbers are the go-to water heater services solution providers for Northwest Houston Metro Area, including the communities of:

Notice an Unusual Odor from Your Water Heater? We Can Help?

You have likely noticed the rotten egg smell of a water heater that is producing an unusual odor. For help, call the professional water heater service providers at A Better Plumber, serving Conroe and Northwest Houston. You can always rely on our team to maintain, service, repair your hot water heater. Call A Better Plumber today.