Clogged Washer Drain

Clogged Washer Drain Repair Services for Northwest Houston

A clogged washing machine drain can cause a lot of problems if neglected. On the first sign that the drain of your washer is clogged, turn off the machine and call a certified plumber. Avoid the mess, frustration and possible property damage clogged washer drain can cause as dirty washer water can overflow and spill onto the floor of your laundry room. Debris, dirt, hair, lint and other substances collect to form stoppages in the washer drain pipe, preventing dirty washer water from exiting into the main sewer line. Respond immediately to a clogged washer drain. Calling the clogged washer drain repair pros for Conroe and Northwest Houston, Texas—A Better Plumber—for superior plumbing repair service. 

How Washer Drains Get Clogged

A washing machine pumps in fresh water and discharges used water as it powers through its wash cycles, allowing the dirty water to flow through a flexible outlet hose into a drain pump connected to the main sewer pipe. There are many reasons why a washing machine drain may fail, including clogging of the drain pipe with stoppages of accumulated lint, debris and substances, which build up and clog the drain pipe. The drain pipe can break down from years of use, or sustain a kink, crack or break. The drain pipe may have been too small a diameter when it was initially installed, too. All of these constraints may cause a washer drain to fail and an eventual overflow of the discharged dirty water. This can lead to lots of dirty water spilling on the floor and possibly causing water damage to your property.

What to Do When Your Washer Drain Clogs

Act fast if the drain of your washing machine clogs up. Right away, you should turn off the washing machine to stop the water flow. Clean up and dry the affected area of the room to mitigate water damage. Next, contact a professional plumber to diagnose the clogged washer drain and provide an effective repair. For quick washer drain clog repair service, turn to A Better Plumber, serving the Northwest Houston Metro Area, including the communities of:

Effective Remedies for Unclogging Washer Drains

When you experience the unfortunate consequence of an overflowing washer drain pipe caused by a clog, call the experienced plumbing team at A Better Plumber, serving Conroe and Northwest Houston. We will diagnose the washer drain clog problem and provide an effective repair to clear the drain pipe and get your washing machine back up to performing 100 percent safely again. Take the first step by calling our team today.