Slab Leak Repair

Slab leakage occurs when the water lines your property stands on begin to leak. The problem already sounds like a costly fix without considering the slew of negative repercussions that follow in its wake! Ground shifting, damp carpet, mold, and even a mildewy odor are all side effects that can arise from unaddressed slab leakage!

If you notice slab leakage, it’s a sign that home remedies like towel drying are just not going to cut it! More ingrained and prospectively damaging ailments like this should be left to a team of professionals. Our team excels at, not just slab leak repairs, but restorative measures for symptoms spawned from leaky slab such as mold growth. Regardless of how far the water damage in your home has spread, we can stop it in its tracks before more damage can be done!

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